There is a technology that produces energy from our footsteps

Even our footsteps can produce energy! With an innovative technology we can turn each step into 7W!

The human brain consumes 20% of the energy used by our body

Our body consumes energy equivalent to 100 Watt and for that 20W are used exclusively by our brains! Smart ideas need energy too!

At any given time our planet consumes up to 15 terawatts of energy

At any given time, our planet consumes 15 terawatts that come from different energy resources. The energy needed by humanity continues to rise and that is way we keep looking for alternative solutions.

For natural coolness in you home, keep the windows open and the shutters closed

During the summer in daytime keep your shutters or you curtains closed to protect your home from the sun’s heat. But leave the windows open for fresh air.