Clean your air conditioner filters once a month

Cleaning your air conditioner filters once a month will improve its performance and reduce your energy consumption!

A cyclist can produce up to 1100 watts of energy during a race

The human body produces energy continuously even when he is doing nothing!

The program "Clean Islands" has begun

A three-day action plan was executed in Naxos to clean coasts, reefs and seafloor in general.

The Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA) and the volunteer divers of Aegean Rebreath collaborated with the local authorities as well as with the volunteers of the Naxos Wildlife Conservation Society and the Ecological Recycling Company in order to implement the first action of the "Clean Islands" program.

This is an initiative of HELMEPA and Aegean Rebreath for the prevention of pollution and the protection of the marine environment and will take place in Aegina, Kea, Kythnos, Marmari of Evia, Naxos, Poros and Spetses. To achieve this, the collaborating parties are implementing coordinated clean-up actions on shore and sea while contributing to informing and sensitizing residents and tourists.

Most of the beaches in Naxos had no garbage and so the cleansing was concentrated in the northern part of the island, where winds and sea currents carry many floating litter. More specifically, the sandy beaches of Amitis, Abram and Agiassos were cleaned, and underwater cleaning was carried out at the port of Agia Anna and the reef of Agiassos. Cleanings included the removing of nets, tires and other garbage.

The recording of waste was implemented by using a special protocol, fully compliant with European and international standards, so that the results of the action could help improve the scientific knowledge of waste on the shores and seafloor of our islands.


The first energy autonomous vessel in Greece!

Energy Observer, the world's first energy-independent vessel, visited Greece!

It is the first energy-independent hydrogen ship without emissions of greenhouse gases and fine particles. It is powered by electricity produced from a combination of renewable sources and a seawater hydrogen system. This vessel has the ability to produce and store hydrogen using sea water thanks to an energy mix of 3 types of solar panels, 2 vertical axis wind turbines, 1 pull kite and 2 reversible electric motors, 1 lithium battery, 1 desalinator and 1 electrolyte.

The Energy Observer launched its "Odyssey" in 2017 and will travel to the world's oceans for 6 years until 2022. It will visit a total of 101 ports in 50 countries and 5 continents. This vessel is tangible proof that a future without fossil fuels is feasible.

energy observer

In Greece, Energy Observer visited several destinations, including Rhodes, Mykonos, Samos, Ithaca, Tilos and Athens. In collaboration with the “Archipelagos” institute of marine conservation, they focused on collecting environmental data related to the assessment of plastic pollution and alternations in our seas as a result of climate change and human impact. The large amount of data they collect will be processed, and then it will be available to the global scientific community.

This project is under the auspices of the President of the French Republic, Mr Emmanuel Macron, and has the official support of the European Union, UNESCO and the International Renewable Energy Agency - IRENA.


Do not set your thermostat at a low temperature

If you need to keep you home cool without a power bill that "burns", do not set the temperature of your air conditioner too low.

25ºC to 28ºC are enough during the summer!