Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling account for the most energy consumption in your house. The correct maintenance and upgrading of your house's insulation equipment and your thermostat waterproofing can help you save up to up to 30% on your bill, reducing, at the same time, the emissions to the environment. You can also:
  1. Set your thermostat at 20°C in winter and at 26°C in summer.

  2. Clean or replace the heater or air conditioner filters once a month or following the recommendation of the manufacturer.

  3. Clean the air vents, the boilers and the heaters regularly. Make sure that there are not any furniture, carpets and curtains impeding their operation.

  4. Remove trapped air from the hot water heaters once or twice a year.

  5. Deactivate the kitchen’s or the bathroom’s ventilators 20 minutes after cooking or having a bath. Enjoy more advantages by replacing them with high performance silent models.

  6. Keep the window shutters facing south and the curtains open during the day in winter, so that the light of the sun is diffused in your house. Close them during the night to reduce cold. Respectively, keep those shutters closed in summer, to reduce the heat from the sun.